“My productivity increased significantly, and we were able to collect a $108,000.00 account I thought was a “hopeless” cause using [these] methods.”

Sherry Ramsey
Business Office Director
Doctor’s Hospital

“I found myself astounded at the legal clout that we as healthcare providers have…”

Jerry L. Mathis, D.D.S

“In particular, one outstanding account of thousands of dollars would never have been collected from an insurance company without the information…on verification of benefits and reimbursement. No office can afford NOT to use… this!”

Sherry Pool
Office Manager
Fritz Franke, MD

“I wanted to let you know just how useful your [technique] was. I feel empowered. By using the “snappy” comebacks as well as the comprehensive letters, I am in control of getting the Dr. paid on services rendered! Now nine out of nine letters mailed the claims have been paid. The pen is definitely mightier than the sword.”

Colleen B. Hodge
Office Supervisor
Scott Grant, MD

“Just a note of thanks for the techniques learned. I recently demanded payment by 4/15 and received a check on 4/14!”

Judy Kelbajian
Mesquite Community Hospital

“Thank you…for giving me the tools I need to stop the insurance companies from taking advantage of the medical profession.”

Marilyn Chears
Billing Manager
Bast Chiropractic

“We received such a positive response, I wanted to let you know what an excellent service you are providing.”

Sandi DeChaine
Physician Liaison
Dallas Fort Worth Medical Center

“Worthwhile and helpful”

Jim Douglas
Business Office Coordinator, SW Region
HealthTrust, Inc.