Detailed Instructions for Use of This Site:

  1. Once the member registers, the member will have full access to ALL services and products of Claim Remedy.
  2. After the member is logged in and the Texas Remedy page is displayed, the member may minimize our site for immediate use, whenever it becomes necessary.
  3. During phone call follow-ups on insurance claims, whenever the member encounters any “stall tactic” that may result in the delay or denial of a valid claim, the member will display the Remedy Page and click on the appropriate “stall.”
  4. The member will then be prompted with a suggested “script” to use in response to the insurers “reasons” for delay or denial of the valid claim.
  5. At any time during the conversation, if the member is challenged by the insurer on the response given, the member may click on “Legal Support” in order to cite and quote the relevant law supporting the member’s position and demand for immediate payment.
  6. Once the call has been concluded, if the member determines that attorney involvement is required, the member may then opt to send an Attorney Impact Letter (Short Cut Menu on left hand side) to the offending insurer.
  7. If the Attorney Impact Letter option is selected, the member will be prompted through a simple fill-in-the blank form. Note: The member will also have the opportunity to include an additional “Statement of Fact(s)” where necessary, though this step is not required.
  8. Once the form is submitted (by clicking “I AGREE”), the member will be emailed a completed Attorney Impact Letter with further instructions. Claim Remedy, will automatically forward a copy of the Attorney Impact Letter to the network attorney, thereby complying with all legal and ethical requirements. Note: Once the member clicks on the “I AGREE button, the member will then be charged the fee as defined in the Terms of Service for the Attorney Impact Letter.

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