Our Company

The principles on which our company was founded, began to take shape in September of 1986. The philosophy was simple; use the laws that exist , in proven ways, to protect healthcare providers from unfair insurance practices and to promote the prompt payment of claims. Over the next three decades, our staff has successfully implemented that philosophy for such notable healthcare providers as, Parkland Health System, Texas Tech Health Sciences Center, Methodist Hospital, St. Louis University, Presbyterian Hospital and Tenet, just to name a few. In addition, thousands of solo and multi-practice providers along with across the board specialties that include, day surgery centers, oncology centers, dental practices and chiropractic offices have benefitted from our knowledge, experience and know-how.

Now well into this new millennium, technology has afforded us the opportunity to offer our services to members in an effective, easy to use, lost cost format. Thank you for reviewing the information on our site.

Our goal is the same as yours…to GET CLAIMS PAID PROMPTLY! Delays in getting paid are costly. Accounts receivables lose value over time, as much as 10 per cent in the first 30 days. And it gets worse…losing as much as a 30 per cent over 60 days. And of course the main obstacles to getting paid promptly are the myriad delay tactics used by insurance companies. And in today’s helathcare environment, where contractuals and adjustments are the norm, additional losses from needless delays simply cannot be tolerated.

Is to make a CREDIBLE DEMAND FOR PAYMENT. If a payer does not believe they have to pay your claim, then they won’t. There are two things every provider must do, in order to make a credible demand for payment: 1) It is absolutely imperative that providers know their legal rights. Know them to the extent they can be cited chapter and verse, backwards and forwards. Knowing your legal rights, and being able to communicate those rights, lends credibility to your demand for payment. Unfortunately, today’s healthcare environment is burgeoning with new laws and regulations…to the extent it is almost impossible to keep up. 2) It is equally imperative that providers find ways to motivate payers to pay promptly. Oddly enough, the same motivation that induces payers to delays your claim is also the same motivation that will induce them to pay…and that is money!